Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Windows Phone Email Sync Error Code 8500201F

A reminder to myself, and anyone else who may encounter this issue.  I have occasionally run across it and finally nailed down the symptom and work-around solution...   The problem is that in rare (maybe once in six months or so) I would get an error while syncing my mail in Windows Phone.  It's an Exchange server, getting at the mail through OWA, and the fact that the error appeared & disappeared without warning, and only affected me, made it very mysterious. 

To make a long story short, sent a message to a fictitious address on my own email server trying to test something, and naturally got a administrator's "non-deliverable address" message back.   This NDA message in my in-box was causing the error code 8500201F, making my phone fail to sync.  I discovered this by cleaning out my in-box, which got sync working again.  I then started putting messages back a few at a time until sync failed again.  I eventually narrowed it down to that NDA message.  Not sure why it's a problem, but that's what it was.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Late Summer/Fall 2013 in Granite State Users Group Events

Fred Brandon Presenting at SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire 2012
Something I haven't been doing enough of, ever, is blogging about upcoming events for the two users' groups I help co-organize.   I generally think of this as a technology blog, and while I often like to blog about everything from nitty-gritty technical details to architectural level development stuff, I think I can spare a label for community involvement.  :) 

While SP Tech Con is rolling along down in Boston, here's what's rolling just a smidge north of there.

We just had our August 8th meeting for the Granite State NH SharePoint Users Group at Daniel Webster College in Nashua.   Due to a scheduling conflict Rebecca Isserman couldn't make it... thankfully Kris Huggins stepped up and presented on MS Project integration with SharePoint 2013 (as opposed to Project Server itself).  

We also organized a bit for volunteers for SharePoint Saturday, New Hampshire, 2013 as well as went over topics for SPSNH speaker selection.   All in all, we had a great meeting... those that attended really got to take part in what is becoming a special tradition for the users group and SPSNH.

Granite State SharePoint Users Group Meeting at the Microsoft Store in Salem
Our next meeting for the Granite State SharePoint NH Users Group meeting will be September 12th, with Richard Harbridge, from Microsoft!   In fact, we will be meeting at the Microsoft Store in Salem, NH, as well.  I believe this will be a fun easing-in "back to school" atmosphere event!  :)

Richard's visit should also be an excellent last call before SharePoint Saturday NH on September 21st.  We're really psyched to have a new location for SPSNH:  the Radisson Nashua.   It has been host to bunches of great events I've personally attended... so I'm really proud that SPSNH has grown to this level!

We have a fantastic lineup of speakers and topics and even great vendors with cool stuff to show off there.

If you haven't gotten your FREE SPSNH attendee ticket, please do so...  they are limited, and we won't get much notice before we run out.   You can knock that off your to-do list at http://spsnh2013.eventbrite.com

As far as my other group, the Granite State NH Windows Phone Users Group goes, our next meeting is this week, August 15th.  We've got Roman Jacquez, UI Developer Lead of Qvidien, with
"Creating Multiplayer Turn-Based Games with Windows Phone and Windows 8", again, at the Microsoft Store in Salem. 
Going out through September, the NHWPUG's meeting will be September 19th (just days in front of SPSNH!) with Gary Ritter, who will be chatting about "Favorite Windows Phone Development Tips ad Shortcuts for Beginners", also at the Microsoft Store.

I'll also take this opportunity to thank Daniel Webster College, the Microsoft Store, and Alexander Techology Group for their steadfast support of the users groups, and Edgewater and Atrion for their core-team support of SharePoint Saturday!

Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint

I happened across a copy of "Developing Business Intelligence Apps for SharePoint" at the local Barnes and Noble today!   

How could I not be psyched that Jason Himmelstein, good friend and co-organizer of the Granite State SharePoint Users Group, SharePoint Saturday New Hampshire, and the Granite State Windows Phone Users Group has copies of his book (co-authored with David Feldman) on the shelf at the book store?!   (and according to B&N's website, it's at stores all over NH.... and I'm sure well beyond that, too)   (ISBN: 978-1449320836)

The guy even had the nerve to put my name in it, too...  :)

I'll post my (fully unbiased) review as soon as I'm done reading it...  :)

I also figure that if I can be in any small way an inspiration to someone accomplishing something like that, I might possibly have to stop resting on my published apps, give myself a boot in the butt and get some pages out there, too... as soon as I find time.